Advisory Roles


Erin’s three decades of living with celiac disease and remaining gluten-free make her one of the top advocates in the community. Erin works closely with companies as both an advisor and ambassador to help advocate for celiac disease awareness and general health topics.  works with companies and brands that are trying to reach the gluten-free community. Here are some of her recent projects:


Beyond Celiac Blogger Ambassador

Nothing gets the job done like teamwork when it comes to raising awareness of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Beyond Celiac is proud to share their Blogger Ambassador Program, which brings Beyond Celiac and gluten-free bloggers together in our efforts to support the gluten-free journey.

Kiva Zip Trustee

Kiva Zip Trustee

Kiva Zip is part of It is a project through which lenders make microfinance loans directly to borrowers in the U.S. and worldwide. As a Kiva Zip Trustee, I recommend borrowers to the Kiva Zip program and vouch for an entrepreneur’s character and reputation.

Cure Click Advisory Board

Cure ClickAdvisory Board Member

CureClick is the world’s first crowdsourced clinical trial recruitment platform. The mission of Cure Click is “to accelerate the progress of medical advances by increasing the speed at which clinical trials are completed. We leverage the power of crowdsourcing to share clinical trial information and connect patients with relevant treatment options.”

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